Fixed Income

Bonds are a valuable diversification tool for protecting your portfolio against volatility or stagnation in equity markets. Offering an alternative in times of unpredictable or stagnant equity and currency markets, bonds can be an important and conservative capital preservation component of an investment portfolio.

International Mutual Funds

Unique, Global Fund Access: RC Global offers open end public fund company that sponsors the many of international investment  funds. The active funds include International, Value Fund, Natural Resources Fund, High Yield Fund, and Gold and Precious Metals Fund, etc.

Philosophy: The company was formed in order to provide a platform of actively managed investment products in line with Peter Schiff’s investment philosophy. Each product is intended to provide access to Peter Schiff’s top-down international Investment approach, focusing on countries and currencies believed to have the most favorable fundamentals.


A Separately Managed Account (SMA) provides the transparency of a traditional brokerage account, while offering turnkey access to internationally-diversified portfolios of global equities and fixed income, professionally managed by the RC GLOBAL  investment committee.